In only a quick glance, someone may have already evaluated your identity and formed an opinion of your company.

First impressions can be nearly impossible to reverse, so the importance of making a good one is staggering as it may determine the amount of business you receive. The first step in building a brand is establishing a good and effective logo.


PPG offer professional graphic design services, which will help instill your brand within the minds of your customers, clients and prospects. We can help you establish the visual identity which will spate you for a potentially crowded space.


In order to get the right identity and help your brand grow we follow our guide:

  1. Have a meeting with you:
  • Listen to your ideas and what you want to see
  • Look at existing printed material to get a better understanding
  • Figure out the end use of the product
  • Look at the specifics of stock, colours, fonts, etc…
  1. Design and produce concepts. This is the initial stage and there may be multiple examples of what the final product could look like. Present to client for evaluation.
  2. Listen to your feedback and refine the initial concepts which lead to a second proof.
  3. Make final changes based on your feedback and present to you the final version which will be submitted to you for final approval.
  4. Produce final artwork which will then be sent to our printers.