Want to supply your own files? No Problem! However, it is important to submit the file correctly. It is a suggestion that you discuss your project with us before to avoid unexpected artwork and unnecessary file handling costs later in the process. We can advise you on the most appropriate way to produce the file so that you are not wasting a bunch of time on a design that in the end will not be able to be printed.

Download our “Supplying your own Artwork?” guide for everything you need to know before uploading.

Download Guide

I should be able to do it myself! Being a graphic designer is easy, right?

We have software programs that let us produce our own designs. While sometimes half of the work may already be done for us, there is a technical and complex side to design that is no easy task and may be hard for you to understand fully. You may think that it looks good on your screen but there is a chance that it cannot be printed that way making all that time you spent working on it wasted for nothing.