Need high-quality prints in a large quantity? Well then Offset printing is the way to go. Offset printing provides an extremely high image quality that is clean, detailed and vibrant in colour. Offset printing also offers a large variety of paper coating and finishing options with quick turnaround times for volume runs. 

Benefits of using Offset Printing:

  • On large quantities, this method is exceptionally cost-effective. The long setup time prohibits it being cost competitive on short runs.
  • Allows for overprinting. This is very effective if producing a large quantity of business cards. A generic business card shell would be the offset and each person’s unique details would be the overprint. This would further reduce costs
  • Using the Pantone Management System, we can accurately produce a specific color if needed for your branding.
  • Has a large range of different paper stocks that can all be printed in high-quality color.